Bleeding is Sometimes Bad

OK, for those of you not in the cancer business here are a few symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.  Bleeding can be a warning sign to different types of cancer.

If you urinate and you see blood, without having pain, it is called painless hematuria and could be a warning sign of bladder cancer.  Non-cancerous diagnoses, such as a simple bladder infection, can also be similar to this.

Rectal bleeding, could be a hemorrhoid, but could also be a warning for a colon or rectal cancer.

Post-menopausal bleeding, or having a period after “the change” could be a symptom of a uterine cancer.

Bleeding from the nipple could be an underlying breast cancer.  Yes, in guys too.  Men are approximately 1% of breast cancer diagnoses.

Unexpected bleeding from body orifices  can be bad.

These are a few examples of your body giving you a heads up that something bad could be going on and you should follow up with your primary care physician for further evaluation and possible referral to a specialist.  Hopefully, the symptoms are caused by a non-cancer problem, but be safe and get it checked out.

Long day. Time for bed. If this reaches one person with these symptoms, mission accomplished.

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