Pot and testicular cancer?!?!?!

Alright guys, smoke pot and you are at an increased risk for losing a testicle to cancer.

One review showed a doubling of testicular cancer in pot smokers. You know how you cure testicular cancer?  Cut out the cancer. Then, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

“The new study, published in the journal Cancer, is the third in recent years to link marijuana use to the development of testicular cancer.

It compared 163 men with testicular cancer to 292 healthy men who were about the same age and race. All the men in the study were between age 18 and 36 when they were diagnosed.

Men who said they had ever smoked marijuana had more than twice the risk of aggressive testicular tumors, compared to men who did not smoke marijuana.

That was true even after researchers accounted for other things known to affect a man’s risk, like having an undescended testicle.”


Lacson, J. Cancer. Sept. 10, 2012.



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