Sharks Do Get Cancer

Looking for “natural” remedies can lead to unintended consequences. Potential extinction of another species.

“That misconception is promoted in part by those who sell shark cartilage, who claim that the substance will help cure cancer, said David Shiffman, a shark researcher and doctoral student at the University of Miami. But no studies have shown that shark cartilage is an effective treatment, and the demand for the material has helped decimate shark populations.”  This was based on junk science.

“Clinical trials over the past two decades have failed to show that shark cartilage products benefit patients. The latest study, from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, found that shark cartilage failed to improve survival of patients with stage-3, non-small-cell lung cancer. They were also being treated with chemotherapy and radiation.)”-Andrew Weil, M.D.

We are decimating an alpha predator of the ocean with 1 in 6 sharks being an endangered species without improving cure rates.

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