Yes There is a Natural Cancer Cure!!!!

Scientists found a derivative from the bark of a tree that has anti-cancer properties.  Samples were taken from the Pacific Yew Tree as early as 1962.  It was found that at the extract was toxic to cells.  A trial in the 1980’s showed that it improved survival in patients with chemotherapy resistant ovarian cancer. The extract was found in the bark of the tree. Now, if you strip the bark off of a tree, something happens to it.  Yep, it dies, and this was not a sustainable source of an anti-cancer agent.

So, Bristol Myers Squibb and the NCI cooperated on finding a commercially produced chemical equivalent.  After decades of research and FDA approval, we have a plant based drug that is active against many different cancers which include:  head and neckprostatebladdercervicalesophagealthyroid and uterine cancers.

What is this natural medication???

Paclitaxel, commercially known as Taxol.

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