Acupressure and cancer related fatigue

Acupressure may improve fatigue related to cancer therapy.  In this report, it specifically evaluated breast cancer patients and treatment related fatigue.

Acupressure is used to stimulate body points without needles, similar to acupuncture.

Recently reported online in the July 7, 2016  in JAMA Oncology, researchers looked compared the outcome of a control group, acupressure and stimulated acupressure.

Acupressure was self-administered after training for three minutes/day.

Fatigue was evaluated on a scale of one to 10, with higher scores indicating greater fatigue.  The average score was 5 prior to the trial.

After six weeks, greater than 60% of both acupressure groups reported a score of 4 or less, which is considered normal.  In the observation group, it was about 30%.

The trend continued with another four weeks of acupressure/observation.

This is consistent with other trials that tested acupressure as a treatment for fatigue.

 Sometimes you can look at Eastern Medicine for treatment side effects of Western medicine.


-JAMA Oncology 2016

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