Colonoscopy at age 50, check that box off!

OK, Coronado Class of 1985, Naval Academy Prep School Class of 1986 and U.S. Naval Academy class of 1990, we are all due for a colonoscopy or due very soon.  For my patients and other followers, this is a cancer prevention screening, no different than a mammogram or a pap smear.  Proper screening can prevent colon/rectal cancer.  24 hours of mild discomfort can prevent a lifetime of GI side effects from the treatment of colon cancer.

In the movie Full Metal Jacket, the quote “do you walk the walk, or talk the talk” comes to mind because I am always preaching about screening, and now have mine done.

Colon prep-2 liters of fluid in 2 hours the night before and 2 more liters the morning of the procedure.  This, in my opinion, was the hardest part.  That is a ton of fluid to drink and it tastes like swamp water.


So, you add crystal light in proportions much to concentrated for a regular drink and it masks the flavor to crystal light flavored swamp water.


Now, this fluid make you have to got to the bathroom, hit the head, and cleanse your bowels, hence “colon prep.”  This has to be done in order to the gastroenterologist to visualize the entire colon.   You don’t prep properly, it is a useless procedure.

A tip: you will be wiping your butt a lot.  Put Aquaphor on it every time or you will be sore!  The diarrhea stops about 2 hours after finishing the bowel prep liquid.


Repeat in the morning of the procedure about 6 hours prior to check in.  Repeat above drink, poop, aquifer.

Now the procedure itself is the quickest part.  From sedation to recovery was less than 30 minutes.  I had Dr. Seth Miller do it locally in Yuma and he did a fantastic job. I don’t remember a thing.  IMG_1185

15-20 minutes in recovery and off to lunch.  Now, here is the important part.  He removed a very small polyp.  Not a big deal today.  If neglected, this could potentially turn into a colon cancer which would require a big surgery and potentially a lot of chemotherapy.  24 hours of prep, scope, recovery, may have just saved my life a decade from today.

So, as I preach, get your colonoscopy done.  It could save your life.  






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